About The ACP

Established in 1986, the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis is a not for profit incorporated association dedicated to the practice, study and teaching of psychoanalysis the training of analysts and research in the psychoanalytic field established by Sigmund Freud and extended by Jacques Lacan.

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Seminars of the ACP include the Clinical Seminar, the Seminar on formation and the child study group  

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The ACP regularly hosts International analysts who provide workshops and seminars on relevant themes and topics to psychoanalysts all over the world. 

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Analysis, is the journal of the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis and it has been making a significant contribution to psychoanalysis, both locally and internationally, since 1989 

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The ACP conducts a Four year program in theoretical and clinical studies aimed at engaging participants in a rigorous study of the work of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. It also conducts an Introductory course which reads and studies the case histories of Sigmund Freud.  

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The ACP offers the possibility of undertaking a comprehensive program of training comprising the three components of psychoanalytic formation; personal analysisclinical supervision and a rigorous course of clinical and theoretical studies,  

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The aim of the ACP Clinic is to provide affordable access to psychoanalytic treatment for adults and children. The treatment will be conducted by Registered Analysts or Analyst Candidates who are members of the ACP.  

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Update On

In Line With The Advice Of The Victorian Government, Face To Face Meetings And Seminars Will Resume From Semester One 2021. Safety Proceedures Will Be Strictly Followed And Clearly Communicated At The Usual Venues.

Video-Conferencing Technology To Assist The Delivery Of Most Of Our Planned Meetings And Seminars Will Continue Wherever Possible.

For Further Information, Please Contact The Relevant Event Coordinator.

Theme For 2022
What is a Lacanian Psychoanalytic Treatment?

This question has always been the core of the study of psychoanalysis within the Lacanian conceptual field and it has become increasingly relevant to the psychoanalytic clinic. As he began his Seminar XI (1964), Lacan asks, ”what conceptual status must we give to the four of the terms introduced by Freud as fundamental concepts, namely the unconscious, repetition, the transference, and the drive?” Along with the precision that he asks of psychoanalysts, in Seminar XXIII (1976), Lacan gives psychoanalysis an orientation, that psychoanalysis is specifically a treatment of the Real by the Symbolic... As has been in previous years, the work of the ACP its various seminars and events will be guided by these questions. 

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Trans-Pacific Lacan Study Day: The Experience of an Analysis

This year’s Trans-Pacific Study Day proposes to examine what it means to speak ‘of’ (‘de’ in French, which also means ‘from’ in this context) the experience of an analysis, that is to speak both ‘of’ the experience and ‘from’ the experience itself.

Online via Zoom: Meeting ID: 898 7120 1083; Passcode: 505184

Saturday August 20

1:15pm-5:45pm AEST

Contact:Barbara Hübl


Full English program HERE

Full French program HERE