THEME: Treatments of the Body
 Despite its name, psychoanalysis is a practice that affects the body. The body is at the centre of its theory. It all began with the conversion symptom, which was followed by Freud’s metapsychology, according to which the drives are internal forces from which we cannot escape, different from external stimulus, from which, when they become unmanageable, we can escape. For Freud our body is at the centre of our passions, against which repression operates.

After Lacan we can say that all symptoms are events of the body: conversions, functional and idiopathic symptoms, anxiety, inhibitions and compulsions in neurosis; lack of vitality in melancholia, delusional formations that concern the functioning of the body, hypochondria, persecutory ideas and a delusional sense of guilt that affect the body in psychosis. Psychoanalysis addresses the body with language. The body of psychoanalysis is a speaking body: the speaking body of the speakingbeing, which Lacan located in the field of jouissance, where language and the jouissance-substance join.


The clinical seminar program will be guided by the ethics of clinical practice and how this unfolds for the analyst and analysand using the presentation of psychoanalytic cases by members of the ACP.
Please contact the Convenor before the first meeting to express your interest.

Day: Saturdays
Time: 12.45pm-2.15pm

Semester 1: March 2nd, 23rd,
April 6th,
May 4th,18th,
June 1st
Semester 2: August 3rd,17th, 31st,
September 14th,
October 12th, 26th
Venue: Treacy Conference Centre, Parkville

Contact: Dr Carl Scuderi (Secretary)
T: 0438 281 789


Seminar on the formation of the analyst

This Seminar will continue to work in 2019 according to the new modality it has adopted: in cartels and/or by individual contributions. The research projects for the year generally concern the analytic discourse and the formation of the analyst, but other questions may emerge from the participants’ work in progress.

For further information, please contact the Convenor, Dr Leonardo Rodríguez. 

Day: Saturday

Time: 1.00pm-3pm

Semester 1: June 15th

Semester 2: November 9th

Venue: Treacy Conference Centre, Parkville

Contact: Dr Leonardo Rodríguez (Convenor)
T: (03) 9349 3462

Study group on psychoanalysis with children

The study group on Psychoanalysis with Children works with questions relating to the clinical and conceptual field of psychoanalysis with children and adolescents.
The group continues to meet in the first half of the year. 

All interested members and students of the ACP are invited to participate.

Please contact the Convenor before the first meeting to express your interest.
Day: Tuesdays

Semester 1:
April 9th, 16th, 30th,
May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th,
June 4th

Venue: 756 Drummond Street North Carlton

Contact: Dr Helena Sandahl (Convenor)
T: (03) 9380 4458


Tuesday seminar

The Seminar will continue its study of the family in the psychoanalytic experience and of the psychoanalytic interpretation. All interested colleagues are welcome.
Those who have not participated in the Seminar before, please contact the Convenor before the first meeting.

Day: Tuesdays

Semester 2: August 20th, 27th,
September 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th,
October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Venue: 756 Drummond Street North Carlton

Contact: Dr Leonardo Rodríguez (Convenor)
T: (03) 9349 3462


ACP Cartels

The ACP has a number of Cartels that research particular questions in relation to psychoanalytic theory and practice.

    For further information contact: Dr Leonardo Rodriguez,

    Latest Events

    The President of the ACP will launch the ACP’s work for 2019. Seminar Convenors and the Co-ordinators of the Introductory Course and Four Year Program of Studies present their planned activities for the year. The morning provides an orientation to the theme for the year with the opportunity to meet informally over morning tea.

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