Program of Studies

The Australian Centre of Psychoanalysis conducts a well established four-year program of theoretical and clinical studies in psychoanalysis. Our program is aimed at engaging participants in a systematic study of the key concepts and questions crucial for the ethics, theory and clinical practice of psychoanalysis.


Under the general theme of "psychoanalysis or ... the plague: the unconscious is political", the clinical seminar program will be guided by the ethics of clinical practice and how this unfolds for the analyst and the analysand.

Psychoanalytic Clinic

The ACP offers a telephone service for members of the public and health professionals wanting to know more about psychoanalysis or wishing to undertake psychoanalytic treatment. For enquiries about assessment and treatment, supervision and secondary consultation, or training and professional development, please call 0408 225 993.

About the ACP

The Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis is dedicated to the transmission of psychoanalysis. This takes the forms of the teaching of psychoanalysis, the training of analysts and research in the psychoanalytic field within the Lacanian orientation. Anyone with an interest in the study of psychoanalysis is welcome to join the activities of the Centre.

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